AceTek College, in compliance with Singapore government regulations, is committed to safeguarding students’ fees paid in advance. This mandatory scheme ensures that if AceTek College is unable to deliver its programs due to closure or any unforeseen circumstances, students have the option to claim back any pre-paid fees. All students at AceTek College are covered by this scheme.

The Fee Protection Scheme at AceTek College is facilitated through Group Insurance, and the institution has partnered with Lonpac Insurance ( as the provider for all policies under this scheme. The policy, administered by the Singapore campus of AceTek College, guarantees the refund of unconsumed fees in the event of college closure or an inability to deliver the course, as specified in the contract, for any reason.

AceTek College prioritizes the financial security of its students, ensuring that they are protected through the Fee Protection Scheme, providing peace of mind and reinforcing our commitment to delivering a reliable and supportive educational experience.

Acetek FPSG Certificate 2024