Welcome Statement

Welcome to AceTek College previously known as “CerealTech School of Baking Technology” and the exciting and every changing world of baking.

Our signature program Diploma in Baking Arts & Science is conducted full or part time in our fully equipped baking facility. The Diploma is modular based with topic areas of breads, cakes, pastry, flour confectionery, baking science & management. The modules focus is on process through ingredient application, process methods and processing parameters to achieve consistency in product quality.

The school offers Certificate courses in Applied Baking Technology, bread, pastry etc. For those interested in a specific topic areas of choice. Professional baking programs under the Singapore Workskills Qualification WSQ and short course provide opportunities for the upgrading and expansion of your baking skills.

The industry is expanding and new challenges in finding suitably qualified staff ensure that your skills and knowledge will be in demand. You will have many opportunities to explore your passion of baking, enhanced with the learning experience at AceTek College.

The staff look forward to sharing the knowledge and skills that will help you to achieve your career and personal goals as part of the baking community.