FAQs Diploma Guidelines

1. What is the Private Education Act?

The Private Education Act of October 2009 is designed improve the education framework of the private education industry. The Council for Private Education (CPE) was set up to oversee the new regulatory framework and promote best practices among private education institutions (PEI).

2. What is Fee Protection Scheme?

The Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) serves to protect students’ fees in the event education institution is unable to continue operating due to insolvency, and/or regulatory closure.

The FPS is mandatory for all students enrolled at PEIs undertaking Certificate/ Diploma and above courses over 50 hours in duration.

FPS applicable only to PEI with EduTrust Certification.

3. Is it compulsory for me to have medical insurance?

Medical insurance not required for PEI with ERF.

See Medical Insurance Policy & Coverage.

4. What is the PEI Student Contract?

The PEI Student Contract clearly states the fees and policies related to the PEI’s programs. Students will sign and keep a copy upon enrolment into the programs.

5. Refund/Withdrawal Policy

80% refund of all course fees   : 30 days before commencement date of course
30% refund of the course fees   : 10 days before commencement date of course
0% refund of the course fees   : After the commencement date of the course

6. Transfer policy

Students who wish to transfer to another program will have to submit a written request to do so, upon approval the student will be deemed to have withdrawn from the program and the original signed student contract will be terminated. Student will then have to reapply for the new course.

7. What are the methods of payment available?

ACETEK accepts local cheques from local students: bank drafts and telegraphic transfers for international students.
Our account detail is as follows:

Bank Account Number   : 340-317-112-1
Bank Address   : UOB PLAZA, 80 RAFFLES PLACE
Swift Code   : UOVBSGSG

Fees to be paid
  1. Diploma – Full Time –  19 instalments
  2. Diploma – Part Time –  19 instalments
Non tuition fees
  1.  Uniform, text,  material fees etc
    Note: payable upon signing of ACETEK student contract
  2. Application/ Registration fee is payable on submission of the signed letter of offer. All fees are subject to 7% GST.
    Detailed course fees are available on the ACETEK website along with course dates.
Student Support Services

1. How do I enroll?

You complete the application form and submit it along with the application fee for processing. You will be called for an interview /offered a place and proceed for full enrolment into program.

2. Does ACETEK have a dispute resolution system?

Yes, the school has a dispute resolution system in place. Read more detail, click here.
Study Program

1. What is the class size?

Class size is capped at maximum of 14 students.

2. Are there any breaks during the Diploma Program?

Full Time: No breaks, with the exception of the Chinese New Year period and normal public holidays.
Part Time: No class will be programmed on a public holiday and a break is structured for Chinese New Year & Hari Raya periods.

3. Will I have assignments to do during the program?

Yes there are 4 assignment topics that will be given during the program. Completion and handing in dates will be assigned at the program orientation.